NBASLH Scholarships

NBASLH Scholarship for Future Business Owners

Let’s Talk Therapy is proud to announce a scholarship in partnership with the National Black Association of Speech‐Language and Hearing (NBASLH). LTT will award a $1,500 scholarship to a student who is interested in owning and operating a successful private practice. The scholarship award consists of a $1,500 honorarium to be used for educational and professional expenses (e.g. books, clinical materials or equipment, tuition, business cards, or related expenses).

To be eligible, applicants must be currently enrolled in an ASHA accredited program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech‐Language Pathology), and be present at the 2019 NBASLH Convention to participate.


NBASLH will facilitate the application and awards process for the scholarship.

To apply, candidates must:
1. Complete and submit an application form.
2. Develop an introductory Business Plan/Concept Summary.
3. Submit a recommendation letter from a faculty member or business mentor.

Deadline to submit application materials and business plan is March 1, 2019..Award will be announced in March 2019. The recipient of the Let’s Talk Therapy NBASLH Scholarship for Future Business Owners will be recognized at the Awards Dinner. Recipients must be present at 2019 Convention to win.


  • Verification of official transcripts at an ASHA accredited program in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Original three to four page Business Plan/Concept Summary developed by the applicant (format/content outlined below)
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member or business mentor


Include the following information:

  • Name of the Company
  • Company Address & Company Phone Number
  • Logo (if you have one)
  • Owners’ Names & Titles


Executive Summary

Provides an overview of the company. This should include enough information so that potential lenders, investors, suppliers, or managers who read it will know the nature, and purpose of the business.

  • Mission (statement) & History (Why was this business started?)
  • Description of products or services offered
  • Include populations you plan to serve, professions you plan to hire (SLP only, PT, & OT, etc.) and any additional information that describes your business

Market Analysis & Business Model

  • Legal Structure (Sole Proprietor, LLC, Corporation, Incorporation, Partnership, etc.)
  • How the company will do business, make money, and operate within the industry
  • Competition in the local area and in general
  • Target Market (Who are your customers? Include demographic characteristics.)
  • Human Resources (Who will you employ? Will there be an office manager?)

Marketing Plan

Provides specific information about the Four P’s of Marketing:

  • Pricing: How much will you charge?
  • Product: Positioning and Packaging (How will you package/present your products/services? Developing the brand, websites, materials, logos, etc.?)
  • Placement & Sales Plan (How will you sell the product/service?)
  • Promotion: Advertising, public relations, social media, web marketing, etc.

***NOTE: Include how you will give back to the community.***

Financial Plan

  • Provide information on how you plan to finance company
  • How much income will be needed for startup?
  • 3 and 5 year income projections
  • Future Directions (This should include a general description of how you expect the business to grow and what are the next steps to keep moving forward.)


  • Resume



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