Greetings NBASLH Members!

On behalf of the NBASLH Board of Directors, I am excited to announce the launch of the NBASLH Community of Black Excellence in Scholarship. 

The NBASLH Community of Black Excellence in Scholarship will serve as a formal ongoing mechanism to contribute financially towards the establishment of NBASLH endowed scholarships. Historically, NBASLH has relied on sponsor-supported scholarships which have and continue to provide tremendous financial support to NBASLH members. We greatly appreciate and will continue to welcome sponsor-supported scholarships. 

Nevertheless, it is time for NBASLH to fulfill our commitment to diversifying the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology by financially investing in students, especially Black students, in the discipline of communication sciences and disorders by establishing reserved funds to sustain scholarships and travel awards in perpetuity

The immediate scholarship plan begins with a goal to establish the (1) NBASLH Scholarship for Black Men and the (2) NBASLH Audiology Scholarship. Both scholarships will need a minimum of $20,000 to fund. As these two are funded, additional funded scholarships and travel awards will be added. 

Financial gifts will be recognized according to the following Contribution Levels:

  • Legends Circle: $1000.00+
  • Echo Visionaries: $500.00 – $999.00
  • Community Cultivators: $350.00 – $499.00
  • Advocates: $100.00 – $349.00

Contributions will be recognized annually at the NBASLH convention following the fiscal year in which the donation was provided. All contributions to the NBASLH Community of Black Excellence in Scholarship are tax-deductible. 

NBASLH is counting on you to help us reach these goals. Consider joining the NBASLH Community of Black Excellence in Scholarship by contributing today. We look forward to recognizing our first community of contributors  – Advocates, Community Cultivators, Echo Visionaries, and those within the Legends Circle – at our upcoming 45th NBASLH Convention.

For more information on NBASLH’s Scholarship Plan or to contribute to the NBASLH Community of Black Excellence in Scholarship, click the following link: