Membership in NBASLH is open to individuals interested in: promoting an increase in the number of certified Black speech-language and hearing professionals; promoting improvement in the quality of speech, language and hearing services to Black communicatively handicapped; promoting the research and development of a body of knowledge of the identification, diagnosis and treatment of the Black communicatively handicapped; and the dissemination of information among professionals and public on communication differences and disorders among Blacks.

Are you interested in sponsoring a Member? Sponsoring membership helps support NBASLH's mission, vision and purposeYou may submit your membership donation using NBASLH's donation page (button below) and list the member name and email in the comment section. 

Membership Donations

Categories of Membership

Professional Member - Holds a graduate degree with major emphasis in or working in the area of speech, language and/or hearing. Professional membership is $105/year.

First Year Professionals - This is a one-time discount of $25 off the initial dues and fees of $105. To qualify for the Conversion Discount, the student must be an NBASLH student member for the last 2 years of their master's or doctoral program. Members can upgrade to this membership status during the renewal period (Sep. 1 - Dec. 31). First Year Professional Membership will remain in pending status until the last 2 years membership is confirmed by the NBASLH office. This is an automated process and will be completed within 3-5 business days.

Student Member - Full-time students in training in the areas of speech, language and/or hearing. Student membership is $37/year.

Associate Member - The consumer and any other persons showing interest in the speech, language and hearing problems of Black people (e.g., speech-language pathology assistants). Associate membership is $80/year.

Life Member - Life Membership is a category of membership available to current NBASLH members who meet the following requirements: (a.) age of at least 65 at the time of application, and (b.) at least 20 years of consecutive NBASLH membership or 30 years of cumulative membership immediately prior to attaining age 65. View additional information about Life Membership, or complete the online application form.

Membership Benefits

  • Annual Convention - The national Convention takes place each year in April. The Convention offers continuing education opportunities to members with local and national presenters, job recruitment, current equipment and materials, exhibit displays and opportunities to meet with colleagues.
  • Access to Resources including the Journal of the National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing (JNBASLH), the official E-journal for NBASLH. It is a professional publication that hosts scientific articles on research and clinical practice patterns which impact racially, culturally and linguistically diverse populations, and Resound))) NBASLH’s national publication. The publication contains valuable information such as legislative updates, Convention previews and reminders and professional updates, including current issues and practices on various topics.
  • Professional Development: NBASLH periodically offers CEU opportunities outside of the annual convention at low or no cost to its members such as workshops, conferences, and webinars, which members can attend at discounted rates or with priority registration.
  • Professional Networking: Membership provides opportunities to connect with other professionals, clinicians, educators, and students who share an interest in speech-language pathology and audiology within the Black community.

  • Scholarship Opportunities: NBASLH and some other professional organizations, may offer exclusive scholarships or grants to support members in their academic and professional pursuits.

  • Advocacy and RepresentationMembership in NBASLH contributes to the collective voice advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology.

  • Career Support: NBASLH may provide career-related resources, job postings, and mentorship opportunities to assist members in advancing their careers.

  • Community Engagement: Members have the chance to actively participate in NBASLH's initiatives, community outreach, and advocacy efforts, fostering a sense of community and connection.

  • Updates and News: Regular communication and updates on industry trends, research findings, and relevant news within the speech-language pathology and audiology fields may be shared with members.

  • Discounts on Events: NBASLH members may receive discounted rates or special privileges when attending conferences, workshops, or other events organized or endorsed by the association.

  • Recognition and Awards: NBASLH recognizes outstanding member achievements through awards or other forms of recognition.

  • Access to Special Interest Groups: NBASLH may have special interest groups or committees that members can join based on their specific areas of interest or expertise. Review the committee list here.

  • Research Requests: NBASLH recognizes the importance of supporting its student members in their undergraduate and graduate research studies. Students may receive approval to send research requests to members once per semester.
  • Contribution to the Profession: Membership allows individuals to actively contribute to the advancement of the profession, particularly within the context of NBASLH's mission and goals.


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